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Switched, On-Demand, Dedicated, Global (SDN):

“Connect multiple sites together with Ethernet over copper or fiber transport to the MPLS network for all of your IP-based applications”

Cost-effective, fast and versatile; Ethernet carries your mission-critical data (streaming data, email and video content) wherever and whenever it is needed. Ethernet supports transport speeds from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps with Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, or Multipoint configurations. Connect all locations together in a single virtual LAN, or enable virtual private lines from remote locations to your head office data center.

On-Demand: Self-Service Solution

AT&T Switched Ethernet Service that allows you to deploy and modify new applications or services on your own.
• Provision new ports quickly, often in days or less compared to weeks
• Easily customize services, network topology, and other network features
• Dial up or dial down broadband speeds in near real time instead of hours or days

How is Dedicated Ethernet used?

This access solution is provides a private, high speed, fiber optic connection to move your data to a back up facility or data centers. You can use dedicated ethernet as a disaster recovery and diversity option, circuit aggregation or as a network backbone.

OPT-E-WAN® Wide Area Networking- supports voice, data, and video

Is a layer 2 VPLS, utilizing MPLS infrastructure to connect multiple LANS and MANS and has local, national and international reach.

Switched Ethernet
AT&T Switched Ethernet
Ethernet Overview
AT&T Ethernet Overview
OPT-E-WAN® Service
AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service

AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service (UVN) is an integrated ring solution used for security solutions and cloud computing infrastructure, call center management, IP Data, Storage, consolidation, transport circuit aggregation, and the need for scalable high bandwidth.

Network Transport: nationwide dedicated ring platform

“Choosing a ring technology is a matter of striking a balance between cost, security, protection, bandwidth and anticipated future growth”

SONET and DWDM can be designed with diverse entry points to ensure no single-point-of-failure, deployed within a dedicated optical network exclusive to a single customer; no other business can use the same fiber.


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