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Secure cloud: on-demand storage, flexible VPN, accelerated content delivery

Whether you are in need of Client Managed Colocation Services, a hybrid Managed Applications environment, or you would like to begin to evaluate the applications that you can put into the cloud, we are here to assist you with that process to find the optimal solution.

Through our Partner Ecosystem, we provide you with the experts and solutions that will improve your business processes, increase your IT Efficiencies, while providing long term savings in your Capital and Operational budgets.

Desktop as a Service
Web Security
Cloud-based Portal
Private VPN
Cloud Services


Prolexic solutions provide fully managed DDoS protection for your applications, data centers, and network infrastructure. 

DDoS attacks can be some of the most disruptive attacks a business can experience

Spam and malware reduce network availability and bandwidth for business communications and customer transactions due to false traffic. We offer proactive and reactive solutions to address unauthorized events. Note: organizations can obtain AT&T DDoS Defense Service regardless of who your network provider is; customers do not need to purchase their network connectivity from AT&T.

DDoS Defense
DDoS: Safe, cloud-based, web protection and content filtering
AT&T Cloud Web Security
Cloud Web Security: Reduce operating costs and rack space, gain a cloud-based portal and faster application rollouts; supports smartphones and tablets
AT&T Content Delivery Network
Content Delivery Network (CDN): Say goodbye to slow load times and high bounce rates

“A self-service portal gives you control over your network with burstable computing resources. That helps avoid the expense of over-provisioning, since you can scale your network resources as demand fluctuates.”

Quickly add a highly-secure, network-centric environment for cloud services to your existing MPLS VPN

AT&T Netbond brief

We’ll help you capitalize on cloud computing with AT&T NetBond® for Cloud, which avoids the Internet, helping you deploy a flexible and highly secure cloud environment, with simple integration to your existing Private MPLS VPN from AT&T and reducing the potential for DDoS attacks.




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